Wrapping presents  

Posted by Amber R

We started wrapping Christmas presents today since we are taking them down for family at Thanksgiving. Oh, the fun. Dog freaks out when tape is put on him, so Little Dude chases him with the tape. Princess has to help and every piece has to be just so and she just doesn't get why everything can't be wrapped in pink with glitter. Tomboy tried to steal the scissors more time than I can count to "cut brother's hair" and she also wanted me to wrap her and ship her to China. She wouldn't tell me why she chose China, either. Princess then decided it was her duty to de-tape the dog (a Yorkie with long hair) which ended in the dog crying, Princess yelling, Tomboy rolling on the floor laughing, and Little Dude attempting to stick all the tape back on the dog. Don't you just love chaos?

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