You'll infect it  

Posted by Amber R

Warning: TMI ahead

Tomboy is finally getting to where she is potty trained. She got a horrible diaper rash and I just told her she couldn't wear diapers anymore... she had to use the big girl potty. She rolled her eyes and hasn't had a single accident. Go figure. This is the conversation she had with her sister in the bathroom earlier:

Princess: Let me wipe your butt.
Tomboy: You're a butt.
Princess: Please let me wipe it. It's dirty.
Tomboy: NO!!!
Princess: But it's icky. It needs to be wiped. Let me do it.
Tomboy: You're not touching my butt. You'll infect it!

I just about spit out the drink I had in my mouth. Kids say the funniest things.

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