How Predictable  

Posted by Amber R

Are my phone conversations really this predictable? While in the car today, this was the conversation that two of my children had:


M- Hello
E- Hi! How you doing?
M- Ok. You?

M- Hello?
E- Hello? I can't hear you?

E- Ok, I think you lost signal. BYE!

Yikes. Maybe they have heard this one too many times!!!!

Super Heros and Gremlins  

Posted by Amber R

Question: How do floors get so dirty in only twenty four hours? I have a theory. Maybe small gremlins come in at night after I go to sleep, wipe their feet on my freshly mopped floor, regurgitate their dinner, then proceed to spread it on my floors in small pieces. Perhaps, however, it is the enchanting children that call me "Mom" that do it. Toast crumbs make a great path to reenact "Hansel and Gretel" and green beans make excellent trees for the magical forest that the barbies play in. Don't forget the ever valiant superhero that is convinced that spreading small shreds of paper will protect the family from evil and keep his loyal sidekick (AKA "MOMMY") at his side saying "NO! Please don't eat that. NO! NASTY!" Alas, I believe I like the first theory better.