It was Romeo  

Posted by Amber R

Tomboy is 2 years old and likes to tinker with everything. I kept on having to get the screwdriver back from her yesterday... she seemed to find it no matter where I put it. Today the kids are eating dinner and princess's chair fell apart, and the table promptly followed. Tomboy started laughing so hard she was laying in the floor. After getting Princess calmed down (she was just scared, not hurt), I looked at the table. Nothing broken, just all loose screws. VERY loose. I asked Tomboy if she did it. "Me no do it! Omalo did it!" Omalo is what she calls Romeo, our dog. He is a four pound Yorkie and there is no way he is that handy with a screwdriver. I told her he couldn't have done it, so she grinned and said "Daddy did it!". Daddy hasn't been home in over a week. Next. "Mommy... YOU do it." She is laughing so hard by this point that she has snot coming out of her nose. I finally gave up on trying to get her to admit it, talked to her about how we shouldn't take things apart, and sent her to the other room while I cleaned up. I asked Princess if she knew Tomboy had been doing that. Her response was "No, but she was pretty mad at me yesterday. Think I need to watch my step around her!" LMAO. Life is never boring with these kids around.

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