Good hot dog  

Posted by Amber R

I was attempting to work on my thesis paper earlier when I hear three kids busting out laughing in the dining room. Uh-oh. This spelled trouble. I go in there to find the dog, covered in grape jelly from head to toe ON MY TABLE. I mentally tell myself NOT to go into panic mode EVEN THOUGH the table cloth is in the washing machine and I have light carpet. STAY CALM.

Me: OK, why is the dog covered in grape jelly?
Little Dude: YUM!
Princess: Well, Mom, you see... it really is quite simple. He jumped into the fridge, got into the jelly and wanted to sit on the table.
Me: *rolls eyes* Tomboy, what happened?
Tomboy: Me do it! He make GOOD HOT DOG!

At this point she gets to laughing so hard she can't stand up, the dog gets tired of being a potential snack and takes off into the other room, and Little Dude chases after him saying "Wait. Yum. Nack! (baby talk for snack)". I have grape jelly from my kitchen to my dining room to my living room and ending under my bed. Lovely. Thank goodness I have a carpet cleaning machine! :)

Disclaimer: My kids would really never try to eat the dog, or at least I don't think they would. He is just a wonderful play mate that will let them do whatever they want to him. Or maybe it was just his elaborate ploy to get another bath. That dog loves the tub!

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