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1. My tongue is pierced.
2. I am anal about saving money. Seriously... I can make a dollar stretch REALLY far.
3. I finally started losing weight once I decided that I loved the weight I was at and didn't want it to change. Weird.
4. I love to cook.
5. I don't like sweets much. I will eat them sometimes, but would usually rather have something else. Except when I'm pregnant. Then don't even tempt me.
6. I hate clutter. Clutter includes hundreds of pictures on the wall. *Shivers* Just give me photo albums, thank you.
7. I have not run my air conditioner or heater in 3 days and 18 hours. And I think I just might have to turn it on today. Blah.
8. I love football. Let me rephrase that... I'm a football FANATIC. And the majority of my guy friends hate it. Go figure.

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