Today, in a nutshell  

Posted by Amber R

Dog chases Princess down hall.
Princess chases dog back down hall.
Dog steals Tomboy's ball.
Tomboy screams at him, tells him she's a ghost, and runs after him like a mad woman for over thirty minutes.
Dog gets tired and crawls under entertainment center.
Little dude decides to follow dog under entertainment center and gets stuck.
Little dude cries so dog cries.
Princess gives them both a lecture on crawling into tight spaces.
Tomboy decides it looks fun and attempts to crawl under as well.
Little dude gets out and sits on Tomboy.
Princess lectures them both on why they shouldn't do it.
Dog comes out and chases Princess down the hall.
Repeat 50 times.

*sigh* I have a headache and three (four counting the dog) very tired kids. It's been a good day.

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