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Ok, I give in. Apparently when you converse reguarly with other bloggers, you are supposed to keep your own current. Go figure.

They are great. Little dude is walking now, although carefully and no more than about ten steps at a time. He also is reguarly using the dog as a pillow when taking a break from playtime. Poor dog.
Tomboy is talking more, finally. She just had to find her voice I guess. She also has one hell of a temper on her. No clue where she got it. Her new thing is that she wants to sleep with her truck. No baby dolls for her.
Princess is doing fantastic. She has made friends with one of the neighbors and talks the poor girl's ear off. The other girl is 8, but they play great together. She is learning to write her name and currently scared of Halloween. We're working on that one.

Ugh. Don't go there. Most of you know we were unexpectedly laid off and lost the truck. $20,000 is not chunk change, and I am sure once I do the taxes the total amount that went into it will be higher. It is strange though... after the initial panic over not having a job, we were both very much at peace with the situation. Some things are just meant to be, and I don't think this was one of them. I am working two jobs from home now, both of them paying pretty decently and still allowing me to keep up with kids and school. E-mail me for the links to the companies if you need them.

My number one stress at the moment. Grades from last block are officially in. My 4.0 GPA remains in tact. Good thing, since I have to keep 3.8 or above to keep from losing my full ride law school offer. I have got to talk some with the law firm this week, and am actually excited about the next few years. I am taking my first legal course this block, and it is KICKING MY BUTT. I still have a perfect grade, but the vocabulary is outrageous. I have gone from having to study two to three hours a week to having to study ten to twelve. It's ok though... I know it will all pay off in the end. I have also started to study for LSATS. The score this firm requires to continue in their program is enough to make my stomach turn, but everyone seems confident that it is possiable. I only wish I had the same level of confidence.

I have not been posting the deals because so many of the rest of you do and it just feels repetitive! But here are my monthly totals:

$7.89 total out of pocket
$178.52 total saved from coupons/store sales
$9.27 total aquired for next month's rebate
Haven't been yet (I know, shoot me)

Totals are lower than usual, but it's ok because we were well stocked and dealing with the job change. We took stock, and apparently we have enough cleaning products to last almost two years now. YIKES. Good thing I have closet space and an understanding husband.

So that's the update. If I forgot anything, let me know. And I will try to update more often... I promise!

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