Dillon's Trip  

Posted by Amber R

I went to Dillon's (part of the Kroger chain) yesterday. I had my list set up all nice and neat, and wouldn't you know it... there were all kinds of great deals to mess my numbers up! ;) I didn't complain though! Here's what all I got:

six 8 packs of Go-Gurt
six pounds of Jimmy Dean Sausage
two containers of liquid Purex laundry detergent
three nail saver sponges
one Macaroni Grill pasta dinner
one Betty Crocker coconut pecan icing
one Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix
one Live Active brown sugar and pecan oatmeal
one Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste
one loaf of Sara Lee bread
two Pillsbury crescent rolls
one Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

Grand total: a whopping $24.02 including tax

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